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Sizzle In Spectacular Singapore

Singapore is the hottest destination to spend holidays with your family members or children or even with your better half. The place is perfect for newly married couples as well as for families. Singapore has everything to make it onto the list of the most lively and exuberant countries of Asia. This island is located at the Southern tip of Malay Peninsula having diverse population composed of Chinese, Indians, Malays, Caucasians and other Asians.

Sentosa Express SingaporeSingapore has been named as the most globalized country in the world. This popular lion city is the most popular travel destination contributing to millions of visitors every year. This is the best place to make your travel to other popular destinations like Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Entertainment for Everybody:

In Marina Bay Sands, visitors arrive mostly to visit Merlion which is considered as the Mascot Singapore. Places around the Merlion is crowded mostly by visitors to take photographs and admire the beauty the beauty of the statue.

There was another Merlion statue just an imitation of original Merlion but, gigantic statue is present at the Sentosa Island. Sentosa is a stunning man-made island completely for fun and entertainment which keeps everyone occupied for endless hours right from the beaches to the crane dance show with a wonderful background music. In addition to these events, visitors can enjoy playing slots online games and Golf games.

Another attraction of Singapore is Chinatown that is still maintaining medieval Chinese mystic charm in all its glory. Chinatown is famous for its culture and some of the oldest shops are still maintained with care here. This is the best place for shopaholics. The most economical way to commute around Singapore is using the MRT stations located all over the city. You many also feel comfortable travelling in buses and taxis.

Singapore is most famous for its active nightlife and one such place where you can find such nightlife is Clarke Quay. This is actually a riverside quay and it is the home for some of the most known restaurants, pubs, souvenir and handicraft stores, which is a perfect place for diners and shoppers.

Singapore Observation Wheel is really stunning that provides a spectacular view of the country at a mind-boggling height. The Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park are internationally known for the species they house. Singapore is the ultimate shopping paradise, as it has got places like Orchard Road, Bugis Junction, Serangoon Road, Little India, Vivo City and the Sim Lim Square etc. Thus, Singapore truly brings out the intriguing element of Asia.

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Singapore Beaches For Peaceful vacations

Singapore is the most thriving holiday destination in the world. Singapore is popular for its nature, alluring attractions, adventurous activities, delicious cuisines, luxury shopping options and pristine beaches. Yes, Singapore is an island city covered with many beautiful beaches.

Singapore is extremely known for its beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, palm trees bursting with banana and coconut where a tourist can enjoy long lazy day on deck chair while watching the sun, sand and surf. Many tourists are attracted by the uniqueness of seashores in Singapore. Here are some of the best beaches in Singapore.

Siloso beach: Siloso beach will be always buzzing with activities. There is never a dull moment at this beach, you will find people partying, dancing, playing water games and horse riding around the beach. Delicious eatery options and beach huts make Siloso beach one of the top beach in singapore.

Palawan beach: This beach is located at the center of Sentosa island, swaying with palm trees, white sand with expanses of blue green water and lively bars. Palawan pirate theme park is suitable for kids and adults. The park is complete with rope bridge, beam towers and pirate ship, you can sit back at adjacent coffee bar and enjoy games like, while your kids are busy sliding down at water slides. Lazy lounging at seashore will assure you great time.

Tanjong beach:  Tanjong beach is rated as Singapore’s best beach, this is located at the south coast of Sentosa island and its blessed with beautiful crescent shape beachline, warm water, palm trees and shimmering white sand. This is an ultimate party spot where the beach clubs organize beach parties once in two weeks. Tanjong beach is just walkable distant from Palawan beach and it has vibes that push anyone to go and relax there.

Pulau Ubin: Pulau Ubin offers sedating peace in the bustling Singapore city. This place offers pleasures of village life and it welcomes people who look for peace and tranquility. The jawa beach, lush plantation and island’s architecture hold the interests of Tourist.

Lazarus Island beaches: This wonderful sea beach in Singapore is best kept secret of Singapore. Beautiful atmosphere, tropical feel of this island will give tourists a refreshing feel over the city’s buzzing noise. The turquoise water, white sand, cheerful atmosphere make it an amazing destination for couples. The lush green forest lining the beach makes it a good escape spot over hectic schedules.

Amazing Places In Singapore
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Destination Tips – Things You Must Before Coming To Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Every year, many tourists visit here to enjoy their vacation. Tourists love to visit the city and there are many reasons like safe and clean city, thrilling theme parks, stunning shopping malls, exciting tbsbet games and amazing night life etc.

So, if you are planning for your holiday trip, consider Singapore. In this article, some of the important things you must know before coming to Singapore.

Amazing Places In SingaporeSingapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo is one of the places which is home to many animal species such as orangutan, reticulated python and Polar bear. One such Polar bear named Inuka was born in Singapore Zoo itself and was first to born in tropical land. Zoo has a wide variety of animals and, there are River Safari and Night Safari too. Night Safari is a wildlife park where you may get chance to come close with nocturnal animals in the wild.

Safe City:

Singapore is popularly known as the safest city in the world. Her the crime rate is much lower due to struct rules and regulations. One can walk alone at mid night without worrying about your security, as they kept cameras everywhere where will be monitored continuously to provide safety.

Clean City:

In Singapore, if anyone do littering, they will be caught and fined heavily. This will help to prevent people from littering, thus Singapore is a clean city as well as Green city with rich flora and fauna.

Shopping Paradise:

Singapore is a shopping paradise with many popular shopping malls everywhere in the city. If you are a shopaholic, you should some of the shopping corners of the city like Orchard Road, Bugis, Little India, Vivo City, Ion Orchard, Suntec City, Marina Square and Chinatown. Plan you trip in June month, as the Great Singapore Sale will be available during mid of the year where you can get discounts up to 75% of the goods.

Delicious local delicacies:

Some of the Singapore famous local delicacies are Laksa, Chili Crab and Chicken Rice. Don’t miss to taste such foods available at most food courts and street stalls.

Take a cruise on the Singapore River:

Don’t forgot to take a cruise along the Singapore River which will allow you to see the city’s famous buildings and landmarks. Enjoy a relaxing ride and take some memorable photographs to keep it as your memory of traveling here.

The Clark Quay:

If you want to see the real night life of Singapore, then visit Clark Quay. There are many restaurants, bars and pubs along Clark Quay and, you can enjoy the party till the first light.