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Why Should Use Shopify With WordPress?

Shopify is a good choice for online selling beginners to use, as it involves simple steps to install and use. They also have easy-to-understand pricing plans where the basic plan starts at very less price. One don’t have to worry about spending some money on web hosting and optimization for your online store. One of the safest platforms to have the best solution is Shopify, as it is completely hassle-free software.

Why Integrate Shopify With WordPress?

WordPress offers several eCommerce plugins for starting a new online shop. Integrating Shopify with your WordPress is very much easy like embedding the code snippet. In order to integrate Shopify with WordPress, you can visit the website, to get a clear step-by-step idea. You may have a doubt that why you should choose Shopify over the other eCommerce plugins.  Here are some of the advantages of using Shopping as your storefront:

Ease of Use:

It is very easy to use Shopify than using native WordPress eCommerce plugins. For using Shopify, you have to sign up for an account with Shopify to get your online shop and running. People might worry about site speed or security as Shopify will take care of that for you.

Reduced Overhead:

Shopify is a cloud-based solution, where you won’t face the problem of traffic outages when your business grows. Sometimes you might face the problem like running out of server resources and upgrading to some expensive WordPress hosting.

Easy Social Media Integration:

When you have an online store, you have to do social media marketing for the same. This is possible when you integrate your online store with social media, and it is important for marketing your business and products.  This is made easy with Shopify app store. They have even applications to integrate your Instagram feed on your website, add social media sharing buttons, and more. So, you can download the needed application.

Better Shopping Cart Options:

Shopify is the best application in offering built-in payment options so, you can just take payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. They also offer multiple payment gateways like PayPal etc. Shopify also estimates the shipping fee along with taxes and allowing for shipping anywhere in the world. With Shopify, you can able to securely trust payments and having a known systems will even increase user trust, increasing your conversions due to the legitimacy of the platform.