About Me

Ciao! I am Ambrosino Lucchese a person who enjoys traveling and I welcome you to my blog Fond Prov Lecco where I will share with you my experiences about my travels in Italy. I have been to literally every part of this beautiful country, gotten to see magnificent sceneries, tasted mouthwatering cuisines and the best of wines. All I can say is that this is definitely one of the best if not the best travel destination. I am not saying this because I am Italian but because this is the truth.

I therefore decided to come up with this blog where I will share with you different amazing content about Italy and our beautiful culture. If you are Italian travel enthusiast or are intending to travel to Italy and you want to know the best places and activities to do while here, then this is the place where you will get it firsthand.

I don’t have any affiliation to brands or any other service provide therefore any content I post is purely my honest and humble opinion based on my experiences. I therefore welcome you to join me and let’s discover Italy together.

Molte grazie!