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How To Perform Kegel Exercises For An Easier Labor?

When people talk about working out of muscle groups, you automatically think of being in a gym, lifting heavy weights or using weight machine. But, there are certain group of muscles that are very crucial enough and you can work out on a daily basis and no one will find out that you are doing that. This group of muscles is called “pelvic floor muscles”. They are worked by a way termed as “kegel exercises”.

Kegel exercise is extremely important during pregnancy period. Because, pregnant women will face many symptoms and urinary incontinence is one such symptom. To control this symptom, kegel exercise helps in a better way. This symptom is due to pelvic floor muscles being weak.

how to do kegel exercise perfect

When you do kegel exercise, you will strengthen pelvic floor and hence prevent pregnancy incontinence. Not only pregnancy incontinence, but also you will prevent urethral prolapse by doing kegel exercise. When you strengthen pelvic floor muscles, you can able to control all problems associated with pregnancy and delivery.

If you are not sure where your pelvic floor muscles are, they are basically the muscles that help you control your bladder, bowel movements, and support your uterus. Most women do not really think about these muscles until they have a problem, but you should work on them around 10 times during the day, a few times a week.

These muscles that support your uterus can make labor pain, a little less painful and can help you to recover faster after delivery. Here are some ways on how to practice kegel exercise:

The first step is figuring out which muscles to work on and it is known as PC muscle. The most basic kegel exercise is to essentially hold your bladder. So, you may think kegel exercise is like you are in the middle of urinating and then stopping it in mid-stream. But it is not actually kegel exercise, and kegel exercise should practice in empty bladder. Because, if you make it a habit of doing this while you are actually going to the bathroom, it could lead to some problems later.benefits of doing kegel exercise

Another way to reduce incontinence disorder is using kegal tools. There are many kegel tools available namely kegal balls, kegal weights etc. Kegel weights are one of the easiest ways to exercise the muscles that control pelvic floor. You will get a clear idea on how to use kegal weights using internet or instruction guide available with it.

Both, Kegel exercise and kegel exercisers benefit you in the same way. People can choose convenient way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. But, for pregnant women kegel exercise is the best way to have an easier labor.