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Track Missing Mobile

Have you lost or stolen your phone? Didn’t you bother to install any monitoring applications? Don’t be afraid, there are many ways to locate your unit, provided to act quickly!

The reason could be any; you went to the party and lost it. You had to stay reckless about drinking out that night on your cell. You left phone on the crowded sand, unattended. But not to worry, either stolen or lost, there’s always cause to panic. There are tons of ways from which you can remotely track a phone.

Let’s say you don’t have an installed monitoring app. There is nothing wt worry because they don’t expect that you will lose phone, many won’t waste phone space in installing tracker. The recommended option in this case is to visit www.geolocaliserunportable.fr; apart from this, here are few places you can find your phone.

You will get built in tracker in android phones System Manager or Find My iPhone. This comes preinstalled, means no need to download any external application for tracking. You should have ADM enabled to use this, and allow your phone to be locked and for internet too or deleted if you activate it. Finally, make sure finally that that phone has linked google account & linked to internet, and let’s face it you should kiss your cell phone good bye anyway if the thief have disabled any one of these.

Simply log into the Device Manager in Android from your synced account to use the tracker and pick the correct device from drop-down. Your phone will be placed automatically & you can just click the button and make this ring, lock this or even delete all your records.

If you don’t have PC, borrow a friend’s phone, use Guest mode to log in to its Google account, a& open its Android System Manager app. In this way you can track your lost phone. Only keep searching and hope that the cell phone is momentarily switched off or even disconnected from internet if you can’t find your phone.

The method is identical if you’ve lost your iPad or iPhone. While the iTunes store has Find My iPhone app, you don’t need it install any other application here. This service is completely cloud-based, all that you need is a browser & your login information. Just go to icloud.com & log in with Apple ID. On your dashboard, navigate to the “Find My iPhone” button and select the device which needs to be located. This might take some time, so you have to be patient. The time your cell phone location is displayed on in the map, then you have option to ring the phone if you have lost it just around your home or office, trigger or delete your details.

Make sure that you don’t blame third option, as Find iPhone will no longer work once you delete your info.

You can get phone locked & display message with your phone number by triggering Lost mode, giving anyone who has discovered the mobile to call you. The Lost mode allows you, if it is switched off to reactivate location services. The main thing is if you’re using iOS7 or higher, the thief can not disconnect mobile from iCloud or turn off app or delete your files. This is due to the activation lock, that only allows you to do until you enter a password for Apple ID. They CAN however, turn your WiFi ¬†and data off. However, because they will not uninstall the phone or turn off location services, the next time they go online, you can request Apple to notify you (of course they will, they just stole a smartphone), so you don’t need to open Find My iPhone all day long.

But if these strategies don’t work, there are ways that one can use to find mobile.

Location history of Google Maps You may consider Google Maps for monitoring your phone if it is switched off or there is no internet. What you need on your computer is Location History and Location Reporting enabled.

Simply use Google account to know Location History through a web browser, ensure that current time is chosen, and one can see last pinged location on your screen. It won’t show you any real-time data if the mobile is switched off or not connected, but it’s the best thing if you dropped mobile when the pub was hopping, and battery was dead. Noticing movement that may be the home or office of your robber, can also be helpful.