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Singapore Beaches For Peaceful vacations

Singapore is the most thriving holiday destination in the world. Singapore is popular for its nature, alluring attractions, adventurous activities, delicious cuisines, luxury shopping options and pristine beaches. Yes, Singapore is an island city covered with many beautiful beaches.

Singapore is extremely known for its beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, palm trees bursting with banana and coconut where a tourist can enjoy long lazy day on deck chair while watching the sun, sand and surf. Many tourists are attracted by the uniqueness of seashores in Singapore. Here are some of the best beaches in Singapore.

Siloso beach: Siloso beach will be always buzzing with activities. There is never a dull moment at this beach, you will find people partying, dancing, playing water games and horse riding around the beach. Delicious eatery options and beach huts make Siloso beach one of the top beach in singapore.

Palawan beach: This beach is located at the center of Sentosa island, swaying with palm trees, white sand with expanses of blue green water and lively bars. Palawan pirate theme park is suitable for kids and adults. The park is complete with rope bridge, beam towers and pirate ship, you can sit back at adjacent coffee bar and enjoy games like https://bet888win.net/slots-online-guides, while your kids are busy sliding down at water slides. Lazy lounging at seashore will assure you great time.

Tanjong beach:  Tanjong beach is rated as Singapore’s best beach, this is located at the south coast of Sentosa island and its blessed with beautiful crescent shape beachline, warm water, palm trees and shimmering white sand. This is an ultimate party spot where the beach clubs organize beach parties once in two weeks. Tanjong beach is just walkable distant from Palawan beach and it has vibes that push anyone to go and relax there.

Pulau Ubin: Pulau Ubin offers sedating peace in the bustling Singapore city. This place offers pleasures of village life and it welcomes people who look for peace and tranquility. The jawa beach, lush plantation and island’s architecture hold the interests of Tourist.

Lazarus Island beaches: This wonderful sea beach in Singapore is best kept secret of Singapore. Beautiful atmosphere, tropical feel of this island will give tourists a refreshing feel over the city’s buzzing noise. The turquoise water, white sand, cheerful atmosphere make it an amazing destination for couples. The lush green forest lining the beach makes it a good escape spot over hectic schedules.

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